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College students go through a significant life transition and deal with a unique amount of stressors.  Anxiety is the top presenting current concern among college students. Nearly 85% of college students report feeling overwhelmed. More than 40% of college students feel so depressed that it is difficult to function and 61% feel overwhelming anxiety. (Anxiety and Depression Association of America ADAA)


  • Social anxiety, test anxiety, general anxiety, panic attacks

  • Depression, lack of energy or motivation

  • Home sickness or loneliness

  • Family expectations or problems

  • Eating problems and body image issues

  • Lack of confidence, assertiveness, self esteem

  • Grief and loss of a loved one or relationship breakup

  • Stress, perfectionism, procrastination, time management

  • Navigating transitions into adulthood

  • Dating and relationship struggles

  • Sexuality and gender identity questions

  • Self identity exploration and deciding who you are and what you want out of work, school and love

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